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Content Creation

At 3GEdigital we understand the value of powerful content. Content that converts as well as it drives traffic. Content that speaks to the reader and causes them to take action. Content that pulls in high quality traffic.

On Target Search Engine Marketing

We believe in setting a high mark, hitting it and then raising that mark even higher. This is how we approach each PPC, display, video and retargeting campaign that we run. We always strive to outdo what we’ve done.

Google Analytics

We’ve all heard the saying, the devil is in the details, but we like to think of it as your ROI is in the data. That’s why we have such a huge focus on Analytics and what the data can tell us about how to run your campaigns.

Local Optimization

Google and other search engines have gone hyper-local. What that means is that they are focused on driving local traffic to local businesses. If you have one location or multiple we’ll ensure your optimized for each.

Website Development

We understand conversion. We know what it takes to create a website that drives traffic towards your goals. On top of that, we design beautiful websites that will propel your brand forward, increasing recall and ROI.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines love to index high relevant sites on page one. That’s what we do really. We ensure that your website is relevant enough that the search engines want to index it higher than your competition. Are you ready?

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Advanced SEM Strategies

Our SEM campaigns will never be confused with words such as ordinary, run of the mill or average. We pride ourselves in being able to do what others don’t and seeing the opportunities that others can’t. That’s what sets us apart really, our ability and desire to go that extra mile.

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Website Creation

Whether you’re an established brand or just starting out, at 3GEdigital we can help. Our in house creative team can come up with a logo, brand colors, slogans, web design, flyers and everything else that your brand needs to set yourself apart from your competition.

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In Depth SEO

At our core we’re marketers. We understand the value of having a high ranking site. Even more, we understand how to get your website there. At 3GEdigital we have a dedicated in-house team of SEO copywriters, coders and strategists whose sole responsibility it is to drive traffic to your website.

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