Citations, NAP and Localizationlocal-citations

Citations are important for the success of your local business. They¬†are defined as mentions of your business Name, Address and Phone number on other webpages. An example would be a listing of your business on the local chamber of commerce website, even if it doesn’t link back to your website.

Citations are a huge part of search algorithms, as they show both relevancy and belonging. Any business that has a location, whether it’s one or a thousand, should ensure that each location has as many high quality citations as possible. That’s why we work to ensure that this happens for each of our clients, for each of their locations.

While the importance of local citations are never in question, just how important they are has been a long standing debate, with some people saying that citations are worth a full 25% of ¬†local ranking factors, while others say even more. However you slice it, they’re important.

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