Engaging Ads That Resonate with the Content Being Consumed

With contextual targeting, we’re able to match the content new customers are consuming with relevant ads. This ensures that viewers only see ads that they are interested in seeing. This allows us the ability to choose a set of keywords or categories to a particular campaign and target very specific content that will then display the right ad.

What is Category Contextual Targeting?

Each website fits a specific category. An example would be if you’re a real estate agent and wanted to target people who are looking at sites related to real estate. This could be sites about how to buy a house, mortgages or even somebody looking at sites related home prices.

What is Keyword Contextual Targeting?

Keyword targeting is more granular than category targeting. Similar to the example above, let’s say that you’re a lending institution and want to target people looking to buy a house. Instead of picking the real estate category maybe you want to focus more on people looking for and reading about mortgages. To do that we would pick a set of keywords that would then ensure that ads are only shown to people who are looking for mortgages.

keyword targeting