Prospecting, Branding & Retargeting with Video

With the ability to run pre, mid and post-roll we are better able to optimize based off of completion rates. This gives us the ability to move where the video is played to better optimize campaigns for maximum effectiveness.

Video is a great way to reach people with rich media and then remarket them later for better brand recall. With video we have the ability to show ads via keyword, topics, placements and more. This allows for a flexible strategy that can be optimized for increased conversion.

While YouTube is a big player in the video ad space it’s only a portion of what’s available. An example would be the BrightRoll video network, it has just as much reach as YouTube does. Besides BrightRoll we also have access to:

  • YouTube
  • Tremor Video
  • LiveRail
  • AOL
  • Adapt TV
  • Videology
  • Vindico
  • And many more