Our PPC Algorithm

There is a lot of math in paid search, no doubt about it. Because of that, we use a specialized algorithm that we like to call Algorithmic Bid Management, or ABM for short. ABM allows us to automate bids, updating them every 30 minutes, 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. The goal of ABM is simple, to increase conversions while decreasing cost per conversion. It does this by analyzing live auction data, and based off of mathematical formulas using click through rate, bid amount, time of day and more, adjusts bids all the way down to the keyword level.

As you can imagine using ABM saves us a bunch of time, while at the same time making your advertising dollar work harder. With all that extra time we A/B split test ad copy, focus on keywords (both positive and negative), test landing pages, look through web analytics and do everything else we can to ensure that your campaign is a converting machine.

Below is a typical graph of what happens after we install ABM on any particular PPC campaign, we refer to it as the X-graph. As you can see cost per conversion has gone down while the number of conversions have gone up.