Our Capabilities

We’re very capable. We’re a full service PPC agency, we outsource nothing. Gone are the days where you have one company handle your ad placement and another creating them (display). At 3GEngagement we we handle your campaign from start to finish. So, whether it’s traditional search PPC, remarketing or even conquest we handle it all. Below are just a few of the things we can do when it comes to PPC, just click on a heading to learn more.

Traditional PPC

When referring to tradition PPC we’re talking about the paid ads you see in the SEPR (Search engine ranking page).


With remarketing we’re able to market to the people who’ve already been to your site but left for one reason or another.


Similar to remarketing but instead of using display ads to bring people back, these ads are text and show up on the search results page.


We have the ability to GEO-target all the way down to the zip code level and pinpoint your exact customers.

Video Pre-Roll

Are you looking to run ads before videos play? With video ads you are only charged if the while video is watched or 30 seconds, whichever comes first.


We use multiple different display networks, with the ability to narrow down the target audience by keyword, topic, website and more!

HTML 5/Flash Ad Creation

HTML5, flash or static, we have the ability to create display ads that convert! Created in house by our talented graphic design team.

Mobile/Desktop Segmentation

Search intent is different from desktop to mobile which is why we run different ads on each. This allows for more clicks and higher conversion.

Conversion Tracking

We prove our work. We have the ability, depending on how your site is set up, to track both form and phone leads.

Custom Reporting

We have the ability to report on anything. During out onboarding process we discuss what will go in them and who will receive them. Each report is custom. 

Multiple Ad Networks

We don’t just run on Googles Ad Network, we also use the Yahoo! Bing network, Facebook, Twitter and a number of others.

Data Management

Have a feed and need to do something more dynamic? We have the ability to incorporate your data and run campaigns dynamically.  

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