We Take the Data First Approach to PPC

PPC-DataWe love analytics. We get a kick out of pouring through data and figuring out how to make your campaigns work harder. This is what sets us apart from other PPC agencies, not all mind you, because there are others that take this approach, but with us we’re not looking monthly or even weekly. We have alerts and algorithms¬† in place that allow is to see what is happening in near real time, allowing us to make finite changes that have a big impact on the overall success of your PPC campaign.

We put as much, or more, emphasis on what happens after the click. We don’t just look at click through rate (CTR), ad position, cost per click (CPC), etc., we also take a look at bounce rate, time on site, page views, conversion rate, etc. Why? Because we want to ensure that the campaigns we run are continually optimized towards your conversion goals.

Data Makes all the Difference

By taking this approach we are better able to pick the right keywords, write better ads, choose better landing pages, adjust bids and do all of the other things needed to increase the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns. Data makes all the difference.

Each one of our SEM Specialists are well versed in not only reading analytic reports but also in how each bit of data correlates to the overall health of your campaigns. We don’t just stop there¬† though. We also have digital marketing strategist who pour over your data as well, that way you don’t just have one person working to make your PPC campaigns work harder. No way. At 3GEngagement we have multiple people ensuring that your campaigns are running full throttle.

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