PPC Process

We work. There isn’t some secret sauce to PPC like some claim. Instead, there is doing it the right way and there is cutting corners. We start all campaigns the same, with research. We take a close look at the market, the demographics, the geography, the desired outcome (on-site purchase, download, phone call, walk-in) and we assign KPI’s.

From there we research keywords, create campaigns, assign ad groups, create copy and define landing pages. We always strive to put our best foot forward but after the campaign starts and we start to see the data rolling in, we make adjustments to everything from ad copy to keywords and geography. This happens time and time again as we work to increase the effectiveness of each campaign, always working toward increased conversion.

When it comes to PPC we PLAN IT, ATTACK IT, and then TRACK IT which is a constant loop. Not only do we have a dedicated SEM manager on each account, we always have digital strategist who look over the data, along with the SEM manager, to ensure nothing is missed and that each campaign continues to grow in each KPI.

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